Planet Killer Asteroid Making Close Call By Earth Today, ‘Potentially Hazardous’

Planet Killer Asteroid Making Close Call By Earth Today, ‘Potentially Hazardous’

Earth is set to encounter a rare phenomenon as two ‘potentially hazardous’ asteroids come close to the planet. The first asteroid, named (415029) 2011 UL21, will pass by today, while the second, 2024 MK, will pass on June 29. Despite their close approach, the European Space Agency assures there is a zero percent chance of impact with Earth.

Asteroid (415029) 2011 UL21 is quite massive, measuring roughly 1.4 miles in diameter, making it one of the largest asteroids to recently pass Earth. Dubbed a ‘planet killer,’ an asteroid of this size could cause unimaginable damage if it were to strike, potentially altering the climate for years. Fortunately, it will pass at a safe distance of over four million miles away.

The second asteroid, 2024 MK, was only discovered earlier this month and is smaller in comparison, with an estimated diameter between 390 and 885 feet. It will pass within 184,000 miles of Earth, much closer than the first asteroid. This asteroid is expected to be exceedingly bright and visible with telescopes or binoculars.

These close encounters highlight the importance of monitoring near-Earth objects. While the risk of impact is currently zero, the presence of such large asteroids emphasizes the need for continued vigilance and preparation for potential future threats from space.