Horrific True Story Behind Netflix’s ‘Most Harrowing’ New Cannibal Movie

Horrific True Story Behind Netflix’s ‘Most Harrowing’ New Cannibal Movie

Netflix’s latest addition, “Society of the Snow,” is captivating audiences with its intense and harrowing depiction of the Andes flight disaster, a true story that remains one of the most incredible and horrific survival tales.

The film, which has garnered acclaim from critics and viewers, is not for the faint-hearted. It delves into the grim reality faced by the survivors of a plane crash in the Andes mountains, making it ‘one of the most harrowing and incredible’ watches according to those who’ve braved the film.

The tragic event unfolded on 13 October 1972, when a flight from Montevideo, Uruguay, to Santiago, Chile, met its fate in the Andes. The plane, carrying five crew members and 40 passengers, including a rugby team and their acquaintances, crashed due to poor weather conditions and a fatal navigational error by the pilot.

The impact at around 3:30 pm local time was devastating, stripping the plane of its wings and tail cone and claiming the lives of three crew members and nine passengers. Despite initial rescue efforts, the search was complicated by the plane’s white exterior blending into the snowy mountainside and incorrect information about its last known location. After eight days, official search operations were abandoned.

With minimal food supplies consisting mostly of confectionery and wine, the survivors were faced with a dire situation. As their provisions dwindled, they were forced to make an unthinkable decision to resort to cannibalism to sustain themselves. The group endured further tragedies, including additional deaths from injuries and an avalanche.

Determined to survive, the remaining 16 survivors made several attempts to find a way back to civilization. After learning that the search had been called off, they set out on expeditions to find parts of the plane that might aid their survival and eventual rescue. Despite setbacks, including the inability to use the plane’s radio, their resolve led them to encounter signs of life after a grueling trek.

Finally, on 20 December, they managed to communicate their plight to three men on horseback, leading to their rescue. Helicopters reached the crash site on 22 December, and by the next day, all survivors were evacuated. Of the 45 individuals aboard the ill-fated flight, 16 lived to tell their tale, a testament to human resilience and the grim choices they had to make.

“Society of the Snow” is now available for streaming on Netflix, offering viewers a glimpse into the stark reality of survival and the human spirit’s capacity to endure against all odds.