Internet Reacts After Finding Out Price of Hotel Where Gypsy Rose Blanchard Is Staying

Internet Reacts After Finding Out Price of Hotel Where Gypsy Rose Blanchard Is Staying

Gypsy Rose Blanchard, who was released from prison on Thursday, December 28, after serving eight years for the 2015 murder of her mother, Clauddinnea ‘Dee Dee’ Blanchard, has been spotted checking into a Fairfield Inn & Suites in Chillicothe with her husband, Ryan Scott Anderson.

The couple’s first move post-release was to secure a comfortable place to rest, with sources estimating the standard double queen room costs approximately $150 per night before taxes. This stay marks a significant shift from Blanchard’s previous eight years in the Chillicothe Correctional Center in Missouri.

Upon her release, Blanchard expressed excitement about her future, responding with a smile and saying, “Lots of them!” when asked by media about her plans, though she declined to offer specifics. Later in the day, she was seen trying on sneakers at a local shoe store, emerging with at least one new pair, and her husband carrying an additional shopping bag. Beyond these everyday activities, Blanchard reportedly hopes to attend a Kansas City Chiefs football game and meet pop star Taylor Swift. She is also set to participate in an upcoming Lifetime documentary series about her adjustment to post-prison life.

The internet has reacted to Blanchard’s hotel stay with a mix of emotions. One Facebook user expressed relief and a desire for her to live in peace, stating, “I’m glad she got out! Now we can let her live in peace and not take photos of her buying shoes or speculate on how much she spent on her hotel room.” Another user emphasized the need for privacy and normalcy, urging, “Leave her alone. Allow her to live a normal life. Something her mother denied her. Please don’t exploit her like her mother did. Not even for money. She needs time to adjust to who she is, out of prisons, her mom’s, and the penitentiary, or things could get bad for her mentally. She needs time to adjust to living with this husband without interference also.”

Others focused on the cost of the hotel stay, with one user noting, “These days that isn’t too bad for a hotel. Leave her alone, let her start living her life without being bullied or tortured. Jeeze.” Amidst the various opinions, one succinctly stated, “Good for her.”

As Gypsy Rose Blanchard begins her life outside of prison, the public’s fascination with her story continues. While some advocate for her privacy and a fresh start, others are keenly interested in her every move. Blanchard’s case, marked by tragedy, manipulation, and eventual freedom, remains a topic of discussion and reflection, as people consider the complexities of justice, rehabilitation, and the human capacity for resilience and change. As she navigates this new chapter, the world watches, offering a blend of scrutiny, support, and hope for her future.