This UPS Driver’s Video Breaking Down his Weekly Paycheck has Nearly 12 Million Views

This UPS Driver’s Video Breaking Down his Weekly Paycheck has Nearly 12 Million Views

A UPS driver’s TikTok video revealing his weekly paycheck has gone viral, amassing over 11.9 million views and sparking a widespread conversation about wages in various professions. Skyler Stutzman, an Oregon-based UPS delivery driver, shared a clip in October showcasing a recent pay stub with his pretax earnings of $2,004 for a 42-hour workweek. After deductions, he took home approximately $1,300, with an hourly rate of $44.26. The revelation surprised many viewers, leading to a flurry of comments expressing shock and reconsideration of career choices.

One commenter reflected on their own situation, stating, “Not me realizing that a UPS driver makes more than I do. 20 years in my field with a degree.” Another shared their disappointment with the healthcare industry’s compensation, saying, “I’m disappointed with the way health care pays. I make only $14.55 an hour to work in a nursing home. I love my job, but the pay is so bad.” These sentiments were echoed in over 10,000 comments, many of which resonated with the surprise and envy elicited by Stutzman’s earnings.


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The discussion around UPS drivers’ wages isn’t new. A previous Reddit post by another UPS driver showing a similar level of earnings had sparked debate online. The Teamsters union’s recent agreement with UPS secured a total compensation package of $170,000 for drivers, including benefits, by the end of their five-year contract. This substantial raise has drawn both jealousy and admiration from various quarters, including tech workers.

Stutzman clarified his intentions behind sharing the pay stub, emphasizing his commitment to pay transparency. “I don’t want to mention it in an ill-mannered way,” he stated in the video. “I simply love when I come across content creators who share their pay stubs in different working fields and their transparency of how their wages are broken down.” His openness has not only garnered over 770,000 likes but also inspired many viewers to consider applying for a job at UPS, with some even joking about using Stutzman as a reference.

However, Stutzman also highlighted the journey to becoming a “full-time, full-scale” UPS delivery driver, noting that it took him 10 years to reach his current position. He began working in the warehouse in 2008 and transitioned to a driver role after nearly six years. He mentioned that wage progression to the top rate could take up to four years for a driver, a timeline comparable to the lengthy process of becoming a medical doctor.

While the path to becoming a UPS driver varies by location, Stutzman pointed out that it typically starts with working in the warehouse and can take years to advance. His viral video has not only shed light on the lucrative earnings of UPS drivers but also sparked a broader discussion on wage transparency and the value of various professions. As viewers continue to digest and discuss the implications of Stutzman’s earnings, the conversation around fair compensation and career choices is likely to persist.