Internet Shocked To Hear Woman Admit To Not Washing PJs After Every Time She Wears Them

Internet Shocked To Hear Woman Admit To Not Washing PJs After Every Time She Wears Them

Allison Delperdang stirred the virtual pot on TikTok by confessing she doesn’t wash her pajamas after every single use. This revelation has ignited a debate hotter than a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, drawing in over a million viewers and a flurry of comments ranging from supportive nods to outright disbelief.

Now, before you clutch your pearls or, well, pajamas in horror, let’s dive into the crux of this sleepwear scandal. Delperdang, in her now-viral video, innocently inquired if other adults also engage in this apparently controversial practice of re-wearing their night attire. It turns out, this pajama party was more divisive than expected, with responses splitting faster than a group deciding on pizza toppings.

On one side of the bed, some TikTokers are firmly in the “fresh pair every night” camp, arguing that anything less is akin to sacrilege. They can’t fathom the idea of slipping into anything but pristine pajamas, equating every night’s wear to a need for a wash.

Conversely, a sizeable chunk of the pajama-wearing populace chimed in to assure Delperdang that she’s not alone in her laundry habits. They argue that unless you’re sweating up a storm or indulging in midnight snacks that end up more on you than in you, there’s no harm in getting a few good nights’ sleep out of one pajama set.

Enter the voice of reason: laundry experts. They suggest a middle ground, saying pajamas don’t need a daily wash unless they’re visibly dirty or you’ve been sweating. Gwen Whiting of The Laundress and Jennifer Varney of Molly Maid both echo the sentiment that pajamas, typically worn in the clean confines of one’s home, can enjoy a little longevity before hitting the wash.


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Delperdang, showcasing her onesie, just wanted to know if her thrice-worn pajamas were a faux pas or a common practice among adults. Her query reflects a larger conversation about laundry norms and environmental consciousness, with some commenters pointing out that less frequent washes not only save water and energy but also give your garments a longer life.

So, whether you’re a one-night stand with your pajamas or you believe in a longer relationship, remember: the world of pajama hygiene is vast and varied. And who knows, maybe your pajama-wearing habits will be the next big debate on TikTok.