Jelly Roll & Bunnie XO Sell Shirts To Benefit Student Who Got In Trouble For Having Drawing Of Them

Jelly Roll & Bunnie XO Sell Shirts To Benefit Student Who Got In Trouble For Having Drawing Of Them
Kalista's Support Tshirt

Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO are making a fashion statement for a cause, creating a buzz not just in the music world but also in the realm of education and advocacy. This dynamic duo has turned a Tennessee middle schooler’s discipline over a school project into an opportunity for support and solidarity.

The controversy began when a young student named Kalista drew the famous couple for a school project, only to find herself in hot water. The project, meant to highlight inspirational figures, unexpectedly led to Kalista’s suspension. The school’s decision, based on their perception of the couple as inappropriate, has sparked a debate far beyond the classroom walls.


Not ones to let the music stop, Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO have channeled their support for Kalista into creating a limited-edition T-shirt featuring the student’s design. Sold on Bunnie’s Patreon site for $32, the shirt became an instant hit, selling out within a day. The high demand has led to a two-week delivery promise, showing the strong public support for Kalista’s creative expression.

The proceeds from these T-shirt sales are being directed toward a college fund for Kalista, ensuring that her unexpected moment in the spotlight translates into a brighter future. This initiative not only supports Kalista’s educational journey but also sends a powerful message about the importance of standing by young artists and their freedom of expression.

Bunnie XO has addressed concerns about the financial aspect of the fundraiser, assuring that the funds will go directly into a trust for Kalista, with no monetary requests made by Kalista’s mother. This transparency aims to keep the focus on supporting Kalista and her artistic tribute to Jelly Roll’s transformation and advocacy in mental health.

The story has evolved, with the school refuting the suspension claim. However, Kalista’s mother, Delisa Patrick, insists her daughter faced repercussions for her project choice. Despite these challenges, Kalista returned to school, only to face further difficulties related to the project.

In the end, Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO’s gesture goes beyond mere charity; it’s a stand for artistic freedom, support for youth education, and a celebration of resilience and transformation. As this shirt becomes a symbol of support, it reminds us that sometimes, controversy can lead to community, creativity, and, of course, a cool new T-shirt.