Jennifer Lopez Fuels Divorce Rumors After She Liked a Break-Up Post on Social Media

Jennifer Lopez Fuels Divorce Rumors After She Liked a Break-Up Post on Social Media

Jennifer Lopez has fueled speculation about a possible split from Ben Affleck by liking a social media post that outlines key relationship principles. The post, shared by relationship coach Lenna Marsak on Instagram, emphasized the importance of self-awareness and mutual respect in building a healthy relationship. It stated, “You can’t build a relationship with someone who is disconnected from themselves” and “Love is not a feeling, it’s action.”

The timing of Lopez’s like has sent the rumor mill into overdrive, given recent claims that the couple’s relationship might be facing difficulties. Reports suggest that Affleck has been staying at a residence in Brentwood without Lopez, while Lopez was seen entering a dance studio still wearing her wedding ring.

Despite conflicting reports from insiders, with some claiming the couple is working on their relationship and others suggesting they have already separated, the rumors have intensified. One source told In Touch that the relationship was ‘over,’ while another insider indicated that Affleck has moved out of their marital home to focus on his work and children.

Affleck and Lopez were last photographed together on March 30 in New York City. The couple, who first met in 2001 on the set of “Gigli,” rekindled their romance and married in Las Vegas in 2022 after their initial relationship didn’t work out.

This ongoing speculation highlights the challenges of maintaining privacy and managing public perception in high-profile relationships. Fans and media alike continue to monitor the situation for any further developments.