Will Smith Shares Parenting Advice for Justin Beiber

Will Smith Shares Parenting Advice for Justin Beiber

Will Smith, the seasoned actor and father of three, recently shared some heartfelt parenting advice for Justin and Hailey Bieber as they prepare to welcome their first child. In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier, Smith offered words of wisdom from his own experiences as a parent.

Smith humorously noted that parenting is largely improvisational, saying, “I have three kids and there’s really nothing anybody can tell you; it’s like, we are all winging it.” He emphasized the importance of understanding that children are their own individuals and not merely extensions of their parents. He advised, “The best advice I ever got was that they’re not your kids, you know? Them kids belong to God, and you are a shepherd.”

The actor explained that his role as a parent has been to nurture his children to “become what they already are” rather than trying to mold them into something he wants. This approach reflects a philosophy of supporting children in discovering their own paths rather than imposing one’s own aspirations on them.

Smith’s parenting insights were shared amid his busy schedule, including a screening of his latest film, “Bad Boys: Ride or Die,” where he reunites with co-star Martin Lawrence. The movie, set to hit theaters on June 7, promises to maintain the comedic and action-packed style that fans have loved while adapting to the characters’ maturation.

The interview also touched on Smith’s relationship with his children—Trey, Jaden, and Willow—who have all followed creative paths under the supportive eyes of their parents. His approach to parenting, emphasizing individuality and a hands-off style, might serve as valuable guidance for the Biebers as they embark on their journey into parenthood.