Jimmy Kimmel Launches Attack On Aaron Rodgers In Scathing Monologue

Jimmy Kimmel Launches Attack On Aaron Rodgers In Scathing Monologue

Jimmy Kimmel didn’t hold back in his response to Aaron Rodgers’ controversial comments on “The Pat McAfee Show,” where Rodgers hinted that Kimmel’s name might appear in documents related to Jeffrey Epstein. Kimmel addressed the issue in a seven-minute monologue on the first “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show of the new year.

Kimmel, referencing Rodgers’ Epstein comments, said, “When you hear a guy who won a Super Bowl and did all the State Farm commercials say something like this, a lot of people believe it. A lot of delusional people honestly believe I am meeting up with Tom Hanks and Oprah at Shakeys once a week to eat pizza and drink the blood of children. And I know this because I hear from these people. Often my wife hears from them. My kids hear from them. My poor mailman hears from these people. And now we’re hearing from lots more of them thanks to Aaron Rodgers.”

Rodgers, meanwhile, stated he would address the situation on his next appearance on McAfee’s show, avoiding the topic during his end-of-the-year media availability on Monday. “I’m going to talk about it tomorrow on the show. Tune in,” Rodgers said from a podium at the Jets’ practice facility.

Kimmel speculated on Rodgers’ motives, suggesting he either believed his own statement or said it out of spite. “He doesn’t actually believe it, and that he just said it because he’s mad at me for making fun of his top knot and his lies about being vaccinated,” Kimmel said. He also mentioned that Rodgers might have been retaliating for Kimmel making fun of him over a conspiracy theory related to UFO news and the Epstein list.

Kimmel didn’t shy away from criticizing Rodgers’ self-perception and past actions, saying, “Aaron Rodgers has a very high opinion of himself. Because he had success on the football field, he believes himself to be an extraordinary being.” He continued with a jab at Rodgers’ intelligence, “Aaron got two A’s on his report card and they were both in the word ‘Aaron’.”

The late-night host emphasized that while Rodgers is entitled to his opinions, accusing someone of being a pedophile is neither an opinion nor trash talk. “Saying someone is a pedophile is not an opinion, nor is it trash talk. Sorry, Pat McAfee,” Kimmel added. He expressed willingness to accept an apology from Rodgers, saying, “When I do get something wrong, which happens on rare occasions, you know what I do? I apologize. Which is what Aaron Rodgers should do, which is what a decent person would do. But I bet he won’t. If he does, you know what I’ll do? I’ll accept his apology and move on. But he probably won’t do that. My guess is he won’t apologize.”

The feud between Kimmel and Rodgers reignited following Rodgers’ recent comments on McAfee’s show, where he said, “There’s a lot of people, including Jimmy Kimmel, that are really hoping that doesn’t come out.” Kimmel responded with a threat of legal action in a post on X the same night.

It’s important to note that Kimmel’s name has never appeared in any Epstein-related documents, nor has he been previously connected to the deceased pedophile. The ongoing feud between Rodgers and Kimmel dates back to 2021, when Kimmel criticized Rodgers over his vaccination status.