Kanye West Called Out For ‘Humiliating’ Wife With Latest Revealing Outfit

Kanye West Called Out For ‘Humiliating’ Wife With Latest Revealing Outfit

In a recent video, Kanye was seen walking through a Las Vegas casino with Bianca, who was wearing a very revealing black bikini. The bikini was so small that her br*asts were spilling out, and it barely covered her n*pples. She paired it with a cover-up skirt and had her short black hair slicked back. Notably, Bianca was barefoot as she walked the casino’s red carpet, while Kanye was dressed more modestly in a black long-sleeve top, slate gray trousers, black shoes, and a silver chain necklace.

Fans, particularly on a Kardashian Reddit board, expressed their discomfort with Bianca’s bare feet. One fan commented on her lack of footwear, saying she “lost her mind and her shoes.” Another fan found it “Gross” to walk barefoot on a casino carpet, while another pointed out the hygiene concerns, saying, “I don’t care how rich you are but you should never walk around Vegas barefoot! I’m just imagining her stepping on tiny pieces of glass.”

The speculation didn’t stop at her bare feet. Fans also debated whether Kanye had influenced Bianca’s choice to wear the cover-up skirt. This comes after Kanye’s recent post of a p*nts-less photo of Bianca with the caption “no pants this year.” Some fans wondered if the casino required Bianca to wear the shorts, contrary to Kanye’s preference.

Many fans found the entire situation “humiliating” for Bianca, criticizing her outfit and questioning its appeal. One fan described the outfit as “goofy,” with another echoing the sentiment, highlighting her “amazing body” and “beautiful face” but questioning the overall look.

This incident is part of a series of controversial and risque outfits worn by Bianca, which fans believe are styled by Kanye. He has been actively posting photos of his wife in scantily clad outfits, with one notable post where Bianca was more conservatively dressed, captioned by Kanye: “I miss you when I wake up before you.”