Kanye West bans wife Bianca Censori from using her own social media

Kanye West bans wife Bianca Censori from using her own social media

Kanye West, also known as Ye, has reportedly imposed a social media ban on his wife, Bianca Censori, allegedly to protect her from negative comments. However, friends of Bianca are concerned that this move is more about manipulation and isolation.

Despite Kanye’s claim of shielding Bianca from online negativity, he frequently shares provocative images of her, including topless photos and pictures of her in a black latex outfit. An insider expressed concerns, “Bianca has always had social media and she was active on it – until she married Kanye. He doesn’t want her to have it because he thinks that it will hurt her if she had to read the nasty things that people say.”

The source further explained Kanye’s reasoning, “He convinced her that, since she is a star now, she has to remain a mystery,” but added that those who know Bianca view this as a form of control. The insider criticized Kanye for posting racy images of Bianca on his account while claiming to protect her, saying, “He is pushing her nak*dness all over his own [account] so that he can control her narrative. It is disturbing, and by shutting her off from the world he is causing her to become more and more isolated.”

Bianca’s situation in her marriage to Kanye is described as “trapped,” with the insider revealing, “She went from being his designer to his wife.” Allegedly, Kanye has set strict rules for Bianca, dictating her speech, clothing, diet, and exercise regimen. A source claimed, “Kanye has a set of rules for Bianca, which includes never speak and wear what he wants her to wear. She is also required to eat certain food items and to work out even though Kanye doesn’t work out.”

The source added that Bianca seems to have “no mind of her own” and follows Kanye’s directives, believing they are “royal.” The couple has been seen consuming foods like kebabs, ice cream, watermelon juice, and soda.

Celebrity psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman conducted a Tarot reading for Bianca, predicting a future filled with love but also “devastating fallout.” Inbaal pulled the Two of Cups card, indicating Bianca’s continuous pursuit of love and relationships. The Two of Wands Tarot card suggested Bianca tends to stay in relationships longer than beneficial, often amidst arguments and toxic dynamics. Finally, the Three of Swords card pointed to future heartbreak, with Inbaal concluding, “Bianca’s future promises to be full of love, but also with the devastating fallout when love ends.”