Kevin Bacon Returns to High School Where ‘Footloose’ Was Filmed After Student Campaign

Kevin Bacon Returns to High School Where ‘Footloose’ Was Filmed After Student Campaign
Credit: KUTV

Kevin Bacon recently returned to Payson High School in Utah, the original filming location for his iconic 1984 movie “Footloose.” This special visit was the result of a months-long, student-led social media campaign aimed at bringing him to the school’s final prom before it relocates. The campaign, dubbed #BaconToPayson, saw students energetically recreating scenes and dances from “Footloose,” capturing the actor’s attention and admiration for their tenacity and spirit.

During his visit, Bacon expressed his amazement and gratitude, stating, “You were all just tireless. Unrelenting… You talked me into it.” He reflected on the lasting impact of “Footloose,” highlighting its themes of resilience, individual expression, and the importance of challenging authority. He praised the students for turning his visit into a meaningful opportunity to support the community, particularly through their commitment to create 5,000 resource kits for his charity, SixDegrees.Org.

The foundation itself aims to distribute 40,000 essential resource kits across the U.S. as part of the 40th anniversary of “Footloose.” These kits are intended to aid communities with necessary supplies. Bacon commended the high schoolers for their dedication to giving back, saying, “That’s what we’re going to do today when we build these kits. Thank you so much for your commitment to giving back to your community and to the people you’re sharing this planet with, and I’m thrilled we’re going to be working here together today.”

The actor’s visit culminated in a celebration of community and service, reinforcing the powerful message of “Footloose” about the strength of youth and the importance of community involvement. This event not only commemorated a beloved film but also exemplified how art can inspire action and foster a sense of community and responsibility among young people.