Man Fell Into Yellowstone Hot Spring, Dissolved Within a Day

Man Fell Into Yellowstone Hot Spring, Dissolved Within a Day
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In a tragic incident at Yellowstone National Park, 23-year-old Colin Scott from Oregon lost his life after accidentally falling into a hot spring. The incident occurred in June when Scott and his sister were exploring the park, specifically looking for a secluded spot to ‘hot pot’—a local term used for soaking in the natural hot springs.

Despite the allure of Yellowstone’s stunning geothermal features, the park is also known for its hidden dangers, especially around the Norris Geyser Basin, known as the hottest and most volatile area in the park. It was here that the siblings ventured into an unauthorized area. During their exploration, Scott tragically slipped while checking the temperature of a spring, resulting in his fatal fall.

Yellowstone National Park, established in 1872, is one of the first national parks in the world and attracts over three million visitors annually. Its vast landscape is home to over 10,000 geothermal features, including pools, geysers, and hot springs, which average around 93°C (199°F) at the surface. These temperatures can be enticing for visitors interested in experiencing the park’s natural hot baths. However, such activities come with significant risks, as the geothermal water is not only extremely hot but also acidic.


The park’s history is marred by numerous accidents with more than 20 reported fatalities linked to these geothermal attractions. The dangers are exacerbated by the natural, unaltered state of the terrain, which includes minimal safety alterations to preserve its wilderness. As such, park officials continually stress the importance of adhering to all safety guidelines and warning signs to avoid tragic accidents.

Colin Scott’s fatal accident underscores the perilous nature of these beautiful but dangerous landscapes. His death was particularly poignant as his sister, who was filming their adventure, captured the tragic fall. However, the video has not been released by park authorities. After the accident, efforts to retrieve Scott’s body were hindered by a lightning storm, and by the following day, the acidic conditions of the spring had left no remains.

This heartbreaking incident serves as a stark reminder of the respect and caution necessary when visiting such powerful natural sites. It highlights the critical balance between enjoying natural wonders and understanding the potent forces at work, which can transform a moment of adventure into a life-altering tragedy.