London Tourist Gets Bit By King’s Guard Horse Right In Front Of Sign That Says Horses May Bite

London Tourist Gets Bit By King’s Guard Horse Right In Front Of Sign That Says Horses May Bite

An online video shows an American tourist pleading for help after being bitten by a King’s Guard horse during her visit to London. Millions visit Buckingham Palace annually, where the King’s Guard, composed of highly trained military personnel, perform their duties. These guards are renowned for their stoic presence at royal sites like Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.

The incident involved the tourist crying out, “Ow! Ow! Help me, he’s got my arm,” as the horse bit down on her arm and refused to let go. Despite her distress, neither the mounted guard nor the nearby soldier intervened. Instead, other visitors managed to free her by gently patting the horse’s nose. The exact timing of the incident is unclear, but the video surfaced online two weeks ago, along with another clip of a woman being bitten by a horse.

The King’s Guard, often seen as tourist attractions, are elite soldiers tasked with protecting the monarch’s life and properties. Public interaction is generally prohibited, and guards may issue warnings or present bayonets if approached too closely. Guards must remain focused during their duties, which include enduring two-hour shifts without breaks and maintaining their path, regardless of obstacles. Tourists are allowed to take photos but are advised not to get too close to the guards or horses, as signs warn that horses may kick or bite.

In another incident, a tourist attempting to take a photo with a King’s Guard horse tried to slap it as it reached into her pockets. The guard riding the horse yelled at her to back away, causing her to hurriedly retreat. Another guard intervened, and armed police instructed onlookers to move back. This incident underscores the importance of respecting the boundaries set by the guards to ensure safety for both tourists and the animals.