Customer Shares ‘New Rule’ To Decide If He Leaves A Tip Or Not

Customer Shares ‘New Rule’ To Decide If He Leaves A Tip Or Not

A TikTok user, Robert Calver (@robert_calver), has sparked a heated debate on tipping etiquette after sharing his new rule for tipping at restaurants. In a video that has garnered over a million views, Calver stated, “New Rule: If I order standing up, I’m not tipping,” while sitting down and eating some french fries. He expressed frustration over tipping, claiming, “Tipping is getting out of control.”

Many viewers agreed with him, questioning the need to tip for minimal service. One user commented, “YES. If it’s just a normal fast food joint I ain’t tipping. I will only tip servers and bartenders.” Another added, “I feel bad doing it but like why is there an option to tip when I told you I wanted a burger and some fries at McDonald’s.” Others shared similar sentiments, highlighting instances where fast-food chains like Little Caesars started asking for tips in drive-thrus, which they found unreasonable.


Tipping is getting outta control

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However, there were also commenters who felt that tipping, even in minimal service scenarios, was essential as many service workers rely on tips due to insufficient wages. One person noted, “I understand this but an extra dollar can really just put a smile on their face so if I have it why not.” Another user echoed this sentiment, saying, “Am I the only one that always drops a tip? Even just a couple of bucks.”

The conversation around tipping continues to evolve, with strong opinions on both sides. Some people are calling for better wages for service workers to reduce the dependence on tips, while others feel that tipping remains an important gesture of appreciation for hard-working staff.