New True Crime Documentary on Netflix Warns Viewers to ‘Brace Themselves”

New True Crime Documentary on Netflix Warns Viewers to ‘Brace Themselves”

Netflix’s new documentary series “Cooking Up Murder: Uncovering the Story of César Román” delves into the dark and twisted tale of a Spanish chef who was convicted of murder. Premiering on May 10, the three-episode series investigates the life and crimes of César Román, known as ‘The Cachopo King,’ who was found guilty of murdering and dismembering his partner, Heydi Paz.

The documentary reveals that Román built his career in the spotlight through a web of secrets and false identities. Before his arrest, Román was already known to Spanish authorities due to his involvement with several far-right political parties and numerous acts of fraud. His criminal activities included setting up a magazine that faked interviews with political figures, which eventually went bust, leading to his disappearance. Later, Román opened a restaurant in Madrid, where his signature dish was the Cachopo. However, as business declined, he vanished once again.

Heydi Paz, 20 years younger than Román, was reported missing by her mother on July 23, 2018. On August 13 of that year, human remains were discovered stuffed into a partially burned suitcase in a warehouse owned by Román. He was arrested on November 16, after being found working in a restaurant under an alias with a changed appearance. In 2021, Román was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Although he initially denied killing Paz, Román wrote a letter in April 2024, confessing his involvement in the crime and asking her family for forgiveness.

The documentary features statements from Román in prison and testimonies from various individuals, including Paz’s mother, Gloria Francis Bulnes, who speaks out about the case for the first time. The series has gained significant popularity on Netflix, with viewers warned to “brace themselves” as they uncover the dark side of the culinary world. One viewer compared Román to Ted Bundy, while another criticized his narcissistic demeanor.

“Cooking Up Murder” is available to watch in Spanish with English subtitles or dubbed into English. The gripping and disturbing nature of the story has captivated true crime fans, highlighting the shocking and sinister aspects of Román’s life and crimes.