Man Gets $1,000,000 Scratch-Off Ticket From His Mother in Valentine’s Day Card: ‘Thanks, Mom’

Man Gets $1,000,000 Scratch-Off Ticket From His Mother in Valentine’s Day Card: ‘Thanks, Mom’

In a tale that could make Cupid himself ditch his arrows for scratch-offs, Matthew Broadley of Tyngsborough, Massachusetts, found himself a million dollars richer, all thanks to a Valentine’s Day card from his mom. Forget chocolates and teddy bears; this year’s Valentine’s came with a “make me a millionaire” vibe, courtesy of mama Broadley.

On a seemingly ordinary Tuesday night, with the scent of romance still lingering in the air, Broadley decided to scratch away at his lottery tickets—probably the most action his fingers got that Valentine’s. Lo and behold, one of the tickets nestled within the heart-covered card revealed a $1 million prize. The scene at Broadley’s place must have been something straight out of a rom-com, minus the running through airports part.

Clutching the golden ticket, Broadley made his way to the lottery headquarters in Dorchester the very next day, his heart presumably skipping beats like a scratched CD. “Thanks, mom,” he reportedly said, a phrase that has since been earmarked for the “Understatements of the Century” list.

The winning ticket, one of two gifts from his mom, turned out to be a life-changer. Meanwhile, the Lakeview General Store in Tyngsborough, where the ticket was purchased, found itself $10,000 richer just for selling it. The store’s owner is probably out there right now, building a shrine to the Broadley matriarch.

Choosing the lump sum option, Broadley walked away with $650,000 before taxes—a sum that significantly ups his “treat yo’ self” budget. As for what he plans to do with his newfound wealth, one can only hope it involves buying his mom the world’s biggest Valentine’s Day card as a thank you.

This story puts a whole new spin on family bonding and gives a fresh meaning to the phrase “luck of the draw.” It also leaves the rest of us wondering if we should start taking a closer look at the Valentine’s cards from our moms. Maybe, just maybe, nestled between the glitter and the cheesy poems, there’s a ticket to our next big adventure.

So here’s to Matthew Broadley, the man who got a million-dollar hug from Lady Luck, all thanks to his mom’s choice of Valentine’s Day present. In the grand scheme of things, it proves that sometimes, the best gifts really do come in the smallest packages—or in this case, envelopes.