Man With Standards Set Too High Won’t Date ‘Ugly Women’ and Won’t ‘Settle for Second Best’

Man With Standards Set Too High Won’t Date ‘Ugly Women’ and Won’t ‘Settle for Second Best’

In a world where swiping left is the new norm, one man from Fife, Scotland, has taken a stand against the tyranny of “just okay” in the dating scene. Meet Kevin, a TikToker and self-appointed arbiter of beauty, who’s declared an all-out war on what he considers “ugly women.” His quest? To find a partner who meets his incredibly high standards, or as he puts it, someone with a “high-end appearance.”

Kevin, whose love life is as barren as a nightclub at 9 AM, insists his ideal woman must be attractive, busty, and possess a Rapunzel-esque mane (minus the hair tie, please). His demands have left him wading through the dating pool with the enthusiasm of a cat facing a bath. Despite the scarcity of candidates that meet his criteria, Kevin remains undeterred, asserting that he’d rather be a lone wolf than settle for “second best.”

Navigating the treacherous waters of love, Kevin has encountered the harsh reality that women who tick all the boxes are as rare as a good hair day in Scotland. Yet, he clings to hope, fueled by the belief that somewhere out there is the perfect match who will appreciate his refusal to settle for anything less than a supermodel.

Kevin’s dating strategy is as unconventional as his standards. Bars are out of the question, thanks to his teetotal lifestyle, leaving him to rely on the digital Cupids of dating apps. Yet, these platforms have proven to be less of a matchmaker’s paradise and more of a ghost town, with responses as rare as a heartfelt apology from a politician.

Despite his setbacks, Kevin has had his share of romances, including a fleeting one-month tryst with a fellow TikTok enthusiast. However, much like his tolerance for hair ties, the spark quickly fizzed out. His journey has been a testament to the age-old adage: “It’s complicated.”

As Kevin continues his search for the Holy Grail of partners, he stands as a beacon of hope (or a cautionary tale) for single men everywhere. His story is a mix of unwavering standards and the eternal quest for love, reminding us all that in the game of hearts, sometimes the biggest gamble is on ourselves. Will Kevin find his ideal woman, or will he remain a solitary figure in his quest for perfection? Only time, and perhaps a more flexible attitude towards hair accessories, will tell.