Taylor Swift Makes $100,000 Donation to Family of Mother Killed in Parade Shooting

Taylor Swift Makes $100,000 Donation to Family of Mother Killed in Parade Shooting

In a heartwarming act of generosity amidst a tragic backdrop, Taylor Swift has stepped forward with a $100,000 donation to support the family of Lisa Lopez-Galvan, a beloved mom-of-two and radio DJ whose life was tragically cut short during the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade. The celebration turned somber on February 14 when Lopez-Galvan was fatally shot, leaving behind a husband of 22 years, two children, and a community in mourning.

The incident, which also saw 21 others injured, including nine children, has shocked fans and families alike. Swift, who is romantically linked to Chiefs player Travis Kelce, extended her support through two generous donations of $50,000 each to a GoFundMe page set up for Lopez-Galvan’s family. Accompanying her contribution was a heartfelt message: “Sending my deepest sympathies and condolences in the wake of your devastating loss. With love, Taylor Swift.” Swift’s representatives confirmed to Variety that the ‘Anti-Hero’ singer was indeed behind the benevolent gesture.

Originally aiming for a modest $75,000, the fundraiser has since soared past its goal, amassing over $190,000, thanks to Swift’s significant contribution and the outpouring of support from the community. The GoFundMe page honors Lopez-Galvan as “an amazing mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, and friend to so many,” highlighting her vibrant life and the profound loss felt by her loved ones.

Lisa Lopez, a friend (though not a relative) of Lopez-Galvan, shared with the Kansas City Star the immense void left by her passing, describing her as “the most wonderful, beautiful person” known for her spirited DJ work at local events and weddings. “She was so full of life,” Lopez recalled, emphasizing the deep grief of a family robbed of a cherished member.
The senseless violence has drawn comments from Kansas City’s mayor, Quinton Lucas, who expressed his heartbreak and dismay at a news conference, lamenting the dark shadow cast over what was intended to be a citywide celebration. The day’s events have prompted widespread reflection and prayers for all affected.

In the aftermath, three individuals were detained by police, with two juveniles still in custody. As of now, no charges have been filed, leaving a community to grapple with the ramifications of this senseless act and seeking justice for those impacted.

The Chiefs organization has also voiced its sorrow over the incident, extending sympathies to the victims, their families, and the entire Kansas City community, reaffirming the sentiment that such violence has no place in celebration.

As the city mourns and rallies around the Lopez-Galvan family, Swift’s donation serves as a beacon of kindness in the face of tragedy. For those moved by this story, the GoFundMe page remains open for contributions, offering a way for others to lend their support during this unimaginably difficult time.

GoFundMe Link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/elizabeth-lopezgalvan-memorial