Married Couple Electrocuted In Hot Tub At Mexican Resort, Husband Died

Married Couple Electrocuted In Hot Tub At Mexican Resort, Husband Died
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A relaxing vacation turned into a tragic event for a married couple from El Paso, Texas, when they were electrocuted in a hot tub at a resort in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. Jorge Guillen and his wife, Lizzette Zambrano, were identified as the victims of this horrific incident. Unfortunately, Jorge did not survive, and Lizzette remains in critical condition at a local hospital.

The Sonora attorney general’s office reported that the couple experienced a severe electrical shock while in the jacuzzi. Witnesses at the scene described a chaotic moment when a woman attempted to enter the hot tub and was also shocked. Realizing the danger, she quickly called for help, which led to emergency services arriving at the scene.

The circumstances leading up to the tragedy are still under investigation. Authorities are trying to determine what caused the electrical discharge that resulted in the fatal accident. The resort has not yet commented on the incident, and there are ongoing inquiries to understand the electrical fault that led to this devastating event.

In the aftermath, Jorge and Lizzette’s family has set up a GoFundMe page to help cover medical expenses and to repatriate Jorge’s body back to the United States. The family expressed their profound loss, describing Jorge as a man with a “heart of gold” who was always there for his loved ones. They highlighted the deep love between Jorge and Lizzette, describing it as “one for ages.”

The tragedy has not only shocked the local community but also serves as a stark reminder of the potential hazards associated with electrical systems in public amenities. The investigation by the Sonora attorney general’s office aims to uncover whether there were lapses in safety protocols or maintenance issues that contributed to the accident.