Waitress Breaks Silence After Getting Fired For Sharing Video Of Customer Dining With Blow-Up Doll

Waitress Breaks Silence After Getting Fired For Sharing Video Of Customer Dining With Blow-Up Doll

In Charlotte, North Carolina, waitress Tara Bjork was fired after capturing a bizarre scene at the restaurant where she worked. The unusual incident involved a man who brought a life-sized blow-up doll on a date to Restoration Hardware’s RH Rooftop Restaurant. Tara, surprised and amused by the sight, recorded a video and posted it on TikTok, where it quickly went viral, amassing over 2.5 million views.

Tara’s video showed the man, later identified as Henry Herrera, seated across from the doll, treating it as if it were a real date. Throughout the evening, Henry interacted with the doll in various ways, even feeding it grapes, which caught the attention of other patrons and staff members. In her video, Tara explained, “I’m not supposed to be making TikToks at work but this calls for it.” She then flipped the camera to reveal the unconventional dining scene.


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Despite the video’s popularity and the light-hearted nature of the incident, Tara’s actions led to her dismissal from the restaurant. Reflecting on the consequences, Tara was pragmatic, acknowledging that she anticipated potential fallout. “Either the video was going to get no views and I would be fine, or it was going to blow up and I was going to have to deal with some consequences,” she remarked after her firing.

Henry Herrera, the man with the doll, later explained that his unusual date was a result of losing a fantasy football league bet. He had to fulfill the forfeit by taking the doll on a public date, fully aware that his outing would likely be recorded. “I kind of assumed it was going to happen. As I was sitting down, I already saw like six phones recording me,” he recalled, noting that he plans to change his fantasy football strategy next season to avoid a repeat performance.


The incident, while humorous and peculiar, underscores the delicate balance employees must maintain between capturing shareable moments and adhering to workplace policies. Tara’s experience serves as a reminder of the potential professional risks involved in sharing content from one’s workplace, especially in the age of viral social media.