McDonald’s Says Customers Want Bigger Burgers, Not Better Ones

McDonald’s Says Customers Want Bigger Burgers, Not Better Ones

McDonald’s has been on a culinary expedition, venturing beyond its classic fast-food realm into the land of premium burgers. However, after a tête-à-tête with their customer base, it appears that what the people really crave isn’t a fancier burger but a bigger one. That’s right, size matters—at least when it comes to McDonald’s patties.

CFO Ian Borden shared this revelation at the UBS Global Consumer and Retail Conference, admitting that their premium burger venture didn’t quite hit the mark. The fast-food giant realized that their customers weren’t looking for a gourmet experience at the golden arches; they wanted a burger that was more substantial—a burger that could potentially require a two-hand grip.

This insight led McDonald’s to pivot from its Signature Crafted burger line, a decision aligned with the pandemic-induced trend of menu simplification. Salads and other less popular items were axed to focus on the essentials. Now, McDonald’s is experimenting with “a couple” of larger burger options, although details on whether these will feature bigger patties, buns, or an extra layer of beef remain a mystery.

Their largest current offering, the double quarter pounder, packs two beef patties totaling about eight ounces before cooking. It’s not just the heaviest contender in their lineup but also the most calorific, making it the reigning champ of McDonald’s burger kingdom.

This strategic shift is part of McDonald’s “Accelerating the Arches” plan, emphasizing the core trifecta of burgers, chicken, and coffee, which collectively account for two-thirds of global sales. The quest for the bigger burger aligns with their “Best Burger” initiative, which revamped their classic offerings with softer buns, onions grilled with the patties, and a generous dollop of Big Mac sauce, now available in about 70 markets.

So, for those who’ve dreamed of a burger at McDonald’s that requires a strategic approach to take a bite, your wishes might just be on the menu soon. And to all the McDonald’s superfans out there, keep your eyes peeled and your appetites ready—bigger things are coming your way!