Meghan Markle Given Prestigious Title in Nigeria After Sharing DNA Test Results: ‘Our New Princess’

Meghan Markle Given Prestigious Title in Nigeria After Sharing DNA Test Results: ‘Our New Princess’

During a recent visit to Nigeria, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, was honored with a prestigious title, reflecting her newly revealed Nigerian heritage. Meghan and her husband, Prince Harry, engaged in a variety of community activities, including visiting local schools and participating in a volleyball game, during their trip aimed at promoting mental health awareness and youth empowerment.

The highlight of their visit was a special ceremony where Meghan was bestowed the title “Ada Mazi,” which translates to “daughter of an aristocrat” in the Ancient Arochukwu Kingdom. This honor came shortly after Meghan shared DNA results indicating she was 43% Nigerian, a discovery that added a personal dimension to her visit.

The ceremony was attended by notable dignitaries, including His Eminence Engr Eberechukwu Oji, Eze Aro of the Ancient Arochukwu Kingdom, Igwe Alfred Achebe, the Obi of Onitsha, and the Great Olu Of Warri Kingdom. These leaders, along with the locals, warmly embraced Meghan, celebrating her connection to their culture.

Social media buzzed with excitement over Meghan’s new title, with fans expressing pride and affection. During the event, which also coincided with Mother’s Day, Meghan addressed the audience, expressing her gratitude and joy. She acknowledged missing her children back home but noted the significance of being in her ancestral homeland on such a day. Adorned with a golden sash and holding a fabric bearing the ‘Oru-Arochukwu’ insignia, Meghan’s speech highlighted her appreciation for the warm reception and the meaningful titles bestowed upon her.


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Prince Harry also spoke at the event, humorously referring to the attendees as his “in-laws” and thanking them for the warm welcome and the special naming ceremony. He emphasized the importance of the visit not just for them personally but as a bridge-building exercise between cultures.

Furthermore, during a Women in Leadership event, Meghan discussed the significance of tracing one’s roots and understanding one’s heritage, which was particularly poignant given her African-American background and the historical challenges in tracing African ancestry.

The visit underscored the couple’s commitment to global causes and highlighted the importance of cultural heritage and personal identity in fostering international relations and understanding. The warm reception and the bestowed title were not just ceremonial but a profound acknowledgment of Meghan’s connection to Nigeria, enriching her and Prince Harry’s ongoing efforts to address global issues through personal engagement and cultural respect.