Rhianna Sparks Controversy By Holding Her Child In A Weird Way

Rhianna Sparks Controversy By Holding Her Child In A Weird Way

Rihanna recently sparked a mix of amusement and concern with a playful moment captured at her son RZA’s second birthday party. The celebration, held at Color Factory in New York, was a joyful event with a pink theme, featuring cutouts of RZA and adorable pillows adorned with his image. However, it was a particular video from the party that caught the public’s eye and went viral.

In the video, Rihanna, alongside A$AP Rocky and their children, was seen engaging in a lighthearted moment with her two-year-old son. Rihanna playfully held RZA upside down by his ankles, swinging him side to side, much to his apparent delight. While RZA seemed to enjoy the playful act, the video’s circulation on social media led to varied reactions from viewers.

Some people expressed concern over the way Rihanna held her son, suggesting it was not appropriate for a young child. One commenter noted that although Rihanna did not hold RZA upside down for long, it wasn’t the right way to handle a child. Another remarked on the double standards, suggesting that if a non-celebrity parent had done the same, the backlash might have been more severe.

However, many others saw the incident as harmless fun. Several commenters recalled similar playful experiences from their own childhoods, indicating that such acts are not uncommon in family settings. They defended Rihanna, describing her as a fun mom who was simply playing with her son in a moment of joy.

This incident highlights the scrutiny public figures often face regarding their parenting choices, especially when shared in the public eye. Despite the controversy, the overall sentiment from the birthday party was positive, with friends and family celebrating RZA’s special day in high spirits.