‘New Nostradamus’ Makes New Terrifying Prediction Just Days Away

‘New Nostradamus’ Makes New Terrifying Prediction Just Days Away

Kushal Kumar, often referred to as the “new Nostradamus,” has recently made a dire prediction claiming that World War III could begin as soon as June 18, 2024. Kumar, an astrologer from India, uses the Vedic astrology chart to forecast global events. His alarming prediction is based on recent international tensions and conflicts, which he believes are signs of an imminent large-scale war.

Kumar’s forewarnings include rising tensions in multiple global hotspots. He cites recent attacks, such as the killing of nine Hindu pilgrims in the Himalayas and skirmishes at the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea. He also mentions the escalating conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, Russia’s military maneuvers near Cuba, and China’s war drills off Taiwan. According to Kumar, these events are planetary alignments’ “strongest stimulus” suggesting that June 18 could be a critical day for the outbreak of a global conflict. He previously predicted a similar scenario for June 10, and now adds June 29 as another possible date for significant conflict.


While many might find these predictions far-fetched, Kumar’s warnings resonate with current geopolitical anxieties. His predictions align with broader concerns expressed by world leaders like Russian President Vladimir Putin, who recently spoke about the West’s role in pushing global affairs towards a dangerous tipping point.

As the world watches these hotspots with growing apprehension, Kumar’s forecast serves as a stark reminder of the fragile state of global peace and the ever-present possibility of conflict escalation. Whether his specific predictions will come to pass remains to be seen, but they undeniably add to the ongoing discourse about the precarious nature of international relations today.