You Have Eagle Eyes If You Can Spot The Snow Leopard In This Photo

You Have Eagle Eyes If You Can Spot The Snow Leopard In This Photo

A photograph of a snow leopard captured by wildlife photographer Saurabh Desai has gone viral, baffling viewers who struggle to spot the elusive creature. Desai’s image, shared on Instagram, has generated widespread interest and frustration as people try to locate the well-camouflaged big cat. Known as the “ghost of the mountains” for its ability to blend seamlessly into its rocky, snowy environment, the snow leopard’s natural camouflage makes it nearly invisible in Desai’s photo.


Snow leopards, which inhabit the steep and rugged terrains of Central and South Asia, are listed as ‘Vulnerable’ on the IUCN Red List, with an estimated 2,710 to 3,386 mature individuals left in the wild. Their thick, white-gray fur spotted with large black rosettes helps them remain undetected in their high-altitude habitats, where they are threatened by poaching and habitat destruction.

The viral photo has sparked a mix of reactions online. Many people expressed their frustration at not being able to find the leopard, with comments like, “I’m losing my mind over this,” and, “I promise it wasn’t there until after someone pointed it out.” Some viewers eventually found the leopard, noting how once seen, it couldn’t be unseen. On the other hand, a few claimed it was easy to spot, with remarks such as, “Literally the first thing I saw.”

Desai has expressed delight at the widespread engagement his photo has received, noting that people are enjoying the challenge of locating the leopard. For those still searching, the key is to look just off-center and beneath a patch of snow where the snow leopard, with its piercing eyes, stares directly at the camera. This clever use of natural camouflage once again highlights the incredible adaptability of these majestic creatures.