Car Salesman Gives Everyone Huge Reason To Never Test Drive Cars At Dealership

Car Salesman Gives Everyone Huge Reason To Never Test Drive Cars At Dealership

In a recent TikTok video, car salesperson Ash has stirred up significant discussion by advising against test driving cars at dealerships. Ash’s main argument is that dealerships use test drives to forge an emotional connection between the potential buyer and the car. This strategy, she claims, makes it easier for customers to become enamored with the vehicle, leading them to make hasty decisions and accept terms they might otherwise reject.

Ash goes on to explain that this emotional attachment is a deliberate tactic used by dealerships to push buyers into a quick purchase. “The dealership wants you to fall in love with the car so you’ll be so excited you’ll just say yes to whatever they say,” she explains. Ash also highlights another common dealership strategy: making customers wait around for extended periods. This waiting game, she argues, is designed to wear down the buyer’s patience and resolve, making them more likely to agree to the deal just to end the process.


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Her video has generated a mixed response. Many viewers agree with her insights, suggesting alternative strategies like test driving and then stepping away to think things over and compare prices elsewhere. One viewer commented, “Test drive the car, leave the dealership, do research on the numbers, call several dealerships, negotiate and make them an offer over the phone. If they say no, keep looking.” However, others argue that avoiding a test drive altogether is risky. “Buying a car without a test drive is a recipe for buyer remorse,” one user noted, emphasizing the importance of ensuring the vehicle meets personal needs and expectations before making a purchase.

Some critics of Ash’s advice suggest that while her points about emotional manipulation and the exhaustion tactic might be valid, they don’t necessarily outweigh the benefits of test driving. For instance, test drives provide an essential opportunity to assess the car’s performance, comfort, and overall condition—factors that are critical, especially when considering a significant financial investment. Another viewer shared, “I’m always willing to walk away, but I’ll definitely test drive it. You need to know how it feels and performs.”

Furthermore, the debate highlights a broader issue in the car-buying process: the balance between being informed and being influenced. While it’s crucial to stay objective and not get swept up in the excitement of a new car, it’s equally important to gather firsthand experience to make an educated decision. This discussion underscores the need for buyers to be savvy, combining a test drive with thorough research and a willingness to negotiate or walk away if the deal isn’t right.

The conversation Ash’s video has sparked is a testament to the complex dynamics of car buying. As consumers navigate the process, understanding the tactics used by salespeople can empower them to make more informed choices. Whether to test drive or not remains a personal decision, but being aware of the strategies at play can help buyers stay in control of their purchasing journey.