New Tipping System is Making Starbucks Employees Feeling ‘Awkward’ and Uncomfortable

New Tipping System is Making Starbucks Employees Feeling ‘Awkward’ and Uncomfortable

In the land of lattes and frappuccinos, Starbucks has brewed up a bit of a storm with its new tipping system, leaving both patrons and employees in a froth of discomfort. Introduced across the U.S. in 2022, the system prompts card-paying customers to leave a tip of $1, $2, an ‘other amount,’ or boldly opt for ‘no tip’—a choice that seems to have stirred more than just coffee.

While the intention might have been to sprinkle a little extra sweetness into the baristas’ lives, it appears the execution has been more bitter than a burnt espresso shot. Employees, like TikTok user Rylee, express their dismay, finding the process of presenting the pin pad for a tip as awkward as explaining why a Venti is really just a large.

Customers, on the other hand, are venting their steam in the comments, suggesting that perhaps Starbucks, known for its pricey concoctions, should just pay their staff more instead of relying on the generosity of coffee aficionados. Some customers are pressing the ‘no tip’ button with the same fervor they’d use to demand a remake of a mispronounced name on a cup.


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The tipping prompt pops up every time a credit card is used, turning what should be a simple transaction into a moment of moral reckoning, with baristas feeling like they’re pushing for tips rather than providing service with a smile. The situation is as uncomfortable as realizing you’ve been pronouncing ‘macchiato’ wrong all these years.

Starbucks has yet to stir the pot with an official response, but employees like Rylee are spilling the beans on how this new system is making the coffee chain’s atmosphere as tense as the last few minutes before closing time.

While the idea of tipping is brewed from a desire to appreciate service, the execution at Starbucks seems to have missed the mark, turning gratuities into grievances. As the debate percolates on social media, one thing is clear: when it comes to tipping at Starbucks, customers and employees alike wish the process was as smooth as the chain’s signature cold brew.