Shortly After Drastic Tattoo Reveal, Machine Gun Kelly Changes Stage Name

Shortly After Drastic Tattoo Reveal, Machine Gun Kelly Changes Stage Name

In a world where reinvention is as common as a new TikTok dance trend, Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) has decided it’s time to shake things up a bit. The artist, born Colson Baker, has opted for a stage name makeover, trimming it down to just three letters: mgk. This change comes hot on the heels of his latest single release, signaling a new era for the “Bloody Valentine” singer.

But that’s not all folks! MGK has also unveiled a bold new look to match his name change. He’s gone for a blackout tattoo that covers his shoulders and most of his arms, overshadowing many of his previous tattoos. This isn’t just your average ink, though. MGK states it’s “for spiritual purposes only,” leaving us wondering if there’s more to this transformation than meets the eye.

While fans might still be grappling with how to refer to him (is it M-G-K or mug-k?), his Instagram handle remains @machinegunkelly, providing a comforting touch of familiarity amidst the change. The singer’s new alias, mgk, and his recent tattoo spree were both highlighted in his latest track, “Don’t Let Me Go,” where he delves into personal struggles, including a touching reference to a miscarriage he and Megan Fox experienced in 2021.

MGK’s stage name saga isn’t entirely new. Last November, he flirted with the idea of simply going by “Machine,” asking photographers to drop the “Gun Kelly” part. It seems, though, he’s settled on mgk, perhaps finding a middle ground that still nods to his original moniker.

While MGK’s music and tattoos are subjects he’s open about, his relationship with Megan Fox is another area of public fascination. Despite the couple’s rollercoaster romance, they’re reportedly navigating through their highs and lows, aiming for a “happy, loving, supportive, and honest relationship.”

So, as MGK embarks on this new chapter as mgk, with a fresh tattoo canvas and deep personal reflections in his music, fans are left to ponder: What does this mean for the artist’s future? Will this transformation influence his musical style or public persona? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure – the artist formerly known as Machine Gun Kelly is not afraid to evolve, both in name and in ink.