Outraged ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Say Contestant got Cheated Out of $40K

Outraged ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Say Contestant got Cheated Out of $40K

The “Wheel of Fortune” episode aired on January 30 has sparked a wave of controversy among its viewers. Fans of the show are up in arms, claiming that contestant Megan was unfairly denied victory in the bonus round despite seemingly providing the correct answer, “Pink Orchid.”

During the crucial moment, the category was “Living Thing,” and after the standard letters R, S, T, L, N, and E were revealed, along with Megan’s chosen letters, the puzzle read “P_N_ RC _ D.” As the timer began, Megan’s initial attempt sounded to many like “pink orchid,” yet her answer wasn’t acknowledged, leading her to continue guessing without success.

For those who revisit the footage, there’s a debate over whether Megan actually said “pink orchid” or a variation thereof. Host Pat Sajak’s response after time ran out hinted at an overthought answer: “You might have been overthinking a type of orchid,” he said. Megan, for her part, displayed no evident frustration or surprise, merely laughing and acknowledging the missed opportunity by repeating “Pink.”

Sajak’s subsequent consolation, revealing a missed $40,000 prize, only fueled viewer outrage. Social media platforms, particularly X, saw a flurry of comments from viewers insisting Megan had said the correct answer from the start. One fan demanded, “Hey @WheelofFortune I definitely heard the contestant say ‘pink orchid’ at the beginning of that final puzzle & rewound it to make sure. You owe her some $$$.”

Despite the uproar, not everyone is convinced Megan was wronged. Some suggest she was verbally processing her thoughts and didn’t clearly say “pink orchid.” A few pointed out that Megan seemed to be guessing “something orchid” and even laughed off the correct answer when revealed, showing no sign of believing she had been correct initially.

The debate has led to calls for getting #PinkOrchid trending in support of Megan, with many viewers feeling she was “robbed” of her bonus prize. However, a segment of the audience remains skeptical, attributing the confusion to Megan’s phrasing rather than a mistake by the show. One viewer admitted after multiple rewinds, “Ok. Totally a retract. I thought she said ‘Pink Orchid,’ but she said ‘Something Orchid. Literally 14 rewinds. Sorry, lol.”

This incident has left the “Wheel of Fortune” community divided, with some demanding justice for Megan and others advocating for a more careful review of the events.