People Baffled At New Travel Trend Where Passengers ‘Raw Dog’ Their Flights

People Baffled At New Travel Trend Where Passengers ‘Raw Dog’ Their Flights

This summer, a peculiar travel trend called “raw-dogging” has surfaced, capturing the attention and bewilderment of many. Contrary to what the explicit term might suggest, in this context, it refers to enduring a flight without the usual distractions and comforts like headphones, movies, books, or even basic amenities such as water. This concept has intrigued and baffled frequent travelers who are accustomed to using various forms of entertainment to make their journeys more bearable.

The trend was highlighted by Instagram user @trashcanpaul, who proudly posted about his seven-hour flight without engaging in any activities, labeling it his new personal best. He shared his experience of sitting through the entire flight without anything to occupy his mind or pass the time, describing it as a test of mental fortitude. He humorously claimed, “The power of my mind knows no bounds,” as he celebrated his feat.

Other travelers quickly joined the conversation, sharing their own experiences of long flights undertaken without any distractions. One commenter boasted about surviving a 12.5-hour flight in this manner, while another recounted a journey from Los Angeles to Tokyo, a flight that left them feeling profoundly different upon arrival.

Despite the growing popularity of this trend, many social media users expressed their confusion and amazement. Some couldn’t fathom how someone could sit through hours of a flight with nothing to do, labeling those who engage in “raw-dogging” as a different species. A user on X (formerly Twitter) described encountering a fellow passenger on a ten-hour flight to Europe who had no entertainment or comfort items, which seemed almost alien to them.

The term “raw-dogging,” traditionally used in a different context, has evolved to represent the idea of facing a situation unprepared or without the usual aids and comforts. In the realm of travel, it now describes the act of enduring a flight in its most basic and unadorned form, relying solely on one’s mental resilience to get through the journey.

While this trend may seem odd or even daunting to many, it taps into a broader conversation about our dependency on technology and constant stimulation. For some, it might be a way to challenge themselves and rediscover the ability to sit with their thoughts, free from the digital distractions that typically fill their time. Whether this trend will catch on widely or remain a niche challenge for the adventurous and the curious is yet to be seen.