People Concerned Miley Cyrus is ‘In Danger’ after Spotting Bodyguard’s Hidden Move at Grammys

People Concerned Miley Cyrus is ‘In Danger’ after Spotting Bodyguard’s Hidden Move at Grammys

At the Grammy Awards, a moment involving Miley Cyrus and her bodyguard sparked widespread speculation among fans, who observed what they deemed ‘odd behavior’.

The Grammy Awards, a prestigious event celebrating musical achievements, often brings about various speculations—from discussions about artist snubs to questions about event hosting choices. This year, attention turned towards Miley Cyrus, or more precisely, her bodyguard’s actions on the red carpet.

A video clip captured Cyrus walking into the ceremony with her bodyguard, who was holding an umbrella over her. This seemingly mundane action led to a flurry of theories and conjectures online. One user pointed out, “Fake arm holding umbrella. So arm is under coat presumably with a weapon. Completely unnecessary at the Grammy Awards. This bodyguard is a clown. But in serious environments the fake arm is a common tactic.”

Observers noted that while the bodyguard’s right arm swung naturally as he walked, the arm with the umbrella remained still, fueling further speculation. Some even suggested that the umbrella might not be an ordinary umbrella, with comments like, “Auto firearm dressed as an umbrella?”

YouTuber Matt Wallace contributed to the discussion with a video titled ‘Miley Cyrus bodyguard Grammys video explained (she is in danger)’, implying that the situation might not be as straightforward as it appears. However, Wallace did not provide concrete evidence or details to support the theory of Cyrus’ bodyguard using a disguised weapon or any other form of covert protection.

Critics of the speculation were quick to offer more rational explanations. One person commented, “He’s holding an umbrella, of course, that won’t swing like the right he might jab someone near him front or back if it’s long enough. Plus it is raining.” Others pointed out the practical reasons behind the bodyguard’s actions, with one executive protection guard stating, “You’re too deep bud. I’m an executive protection guard. We can’t carry rifles in public or violate any other weapons law. It’s just an umbrella man,” and another adding, “Bro I hold an umbrella the same way in crowded places to avoid hitting someone this a big reach.”