Paris Jackon’s 80 Tattoos Mysteriously Vanished on Grammys Red Carpet

Paris Jackon’s 80 Tattoos Mysteriously Vanished on Grammys Red Carpet

Paris Jackson made a striking appearance at the Grammy Awards, opting for a dramatic transformation that left fans and onlookers alike in awe. Known for her distinctive tattoos, Jackson chose to conceal all of her body art with makeup for the event, sparking widespread conversation and admiration.

The Grammy Awards, renowned for its unforgettable fashion statements, performances, and viral moments, once again lived up to expectations. Among the array of bold and unconventional looks, Jackson’s decision to cover her tattoos stood out, drawing significant attention.

Jackson dazzled on the red carpet in a sophisticated, see-through black dress by Celine, featuring a midriff cut-out, a high thigh slit, and an off-the-shoulder neckline. However, it was her decision to hide her tattoos that became a focal point. Typically known for showcasing her extensive ink, Jackson’s figure-hugging gown was expected to highlight her body art, but instead, she presented a seamless canvas.

The transformation was made possible by Cover FX, a vegan and cruelty-free makeup brand. Jackson shared the process on her Instagram account, captioning it: “Get ready with me for the Grammys.” The video showcased a time-lapse of the makeup application, utilizing the brand’s total cover cream foundation to conceal her 80 tattoos effectively.

When asked about her decision to cover her tattoos, Jackson explained to Extra, “I wanted to give this Celine dress its own moment. I love my piercings and my tattoos, all the body mod stuff, but sometimes it can distract from the art.”

Fans rallied behind Jackson, expressing their support and admiration in the comments section of her post. One user remarked, “With or without tattoos you remain incredible and the same beautiful soul inside!” Another added, “You’re stunning. Either way.” A third shared their surprise, saying, “Bro I was just saying earlier today I can’t imagine Paris without her tattoos and here you are,” accompanied by crying emojis.

Beyond Jackson’s memorable look, the Grammys were filled with other notable moments. Miley Cyrus’ bodyguard was seen with a large umbrella, sparking theories about its purpose. Jay-Z highlighted the awards’ history of overlooking Beyonce for Album of the Year, despite her record-breaking Grammy wins. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift’s interaction, or lack thereof, with Celine Dion during her award acceptance also drew attention.

The Grammy Awards continue to be a source of endless discussion, from fashion choices to the evening’s most talked-about incidents.