People Spot Key Detail in Miley Cyrus’ Speech as She Accepts Her First Ever Grammy

People Spot Key Detail in Miley Cyrus’ Speech as She Accepts Her First Ever Grammy

Music enthusiasts have spotlighted a notable omission in Miley Cyrus’ speech as she took the stage to accept her first-ever Grammy awards during the ceremony in Los Angeles on February 4th. Cyrus, who delivered a performance of her hit “Flowers,” later received two awards for the song, marking a significant milestone in her career with her initial Grammy wins in the Best Pop Solo Performance category and for Record Of The Year.

In her acceptance speech, Cyrus expressed gratitude towards her fellow artists and the global community, emphasizing the intrinsic value of every individual regardless of such accolades. “This award is amazing. But I really hope that it doesn’t change anything because my life was beautiful yesterday. Not everyone in the world will get a Grammy, but everyone in this world is spectacular. So please don’t think that this is important, even though it’s very important, right guys?” she stated.

Cyrus proceeded to thank those instrumental in the success of “Flowers,” including her mother, her sister, her ‘love,’ and her ‘main gays’. She humorously concluded, “Anyone else? … I don’t think I forgot anyone. But I might have forgotten underwear. Bye!,” before exiting the stage.

Despite Cyrus’ assertion of not having overlooked anyone, observers on X (formerly Twitter) speculated about the conspicuous absence of her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, from her acknowledgments. “Did y’all catch the shade Miley threw at her dad during her award speech?,” one user questioned, while another pondered, “Miley deliberately leave out her dad in her thank you speech ???”

The reason behind the potential exclusion of Billy Ray Cyrus from her speech remains speculative, yet it has drawn attention amidst ongoing family rumors. Following Billy Ray and Cyrus’ mother, Tish’s divorce announcement in April 2022 after nearly three decades together, and Tish’s subsequent marriage to “Prison Break” actor Dominic Purcell, the dynamics within the Cyrus family have been a subject of public curiosity. Notably, at Tish’s wedding, only Cyrus and Tish’s children from a previous relationship were reported to be present, excluding Billy Ray and Tish’s other children, Noah and Braison.

Moreover, at the Grammy ceremony where Cyrus celebrated her first win, it appeared that only Tish and Cyrus’ sister, Brandi, were in attendance from her family.