Plumber Loses Job After Going On YouTube Dating Show And Roasting Women Who Rejected Him

Plumber Loses Job After Going On YouTube Dating Show And Roasting Women Who Rejected Him
YouTube/Arlette Amuli

In a tale that underscores the volatile intersection of social media fame and personal consequences, a 29-year-old plumber named Aaron found himself out of a job after his appearance on a YouTube dating show went viral for all the wrong reasons. The incident unfolded on Arlette Amuli’s popular series, “Pop The Balloon Or Find Love,” where Aaron’s behavior and candid remarks sparked widespread backlash, ultimately leading to his dismissal from his plumbing job.

The format of the show is straightforward yet brutal: women hold balloons and, if uninterested in the bachelor presented, pop them while explaining their reasons. Aaron, who appeared on the show, laid out his preferences for a partner, stating he wanted someone “not promiscuous” with a solid career and clean habits. His interaction with the contestants quickly turned contentious. When a 24-year-old participant named Karma popped her balloon, signaling her lack of attraction, Aaron responded dismissively, saying, “The feeling is definitely mutual so that’s OK, you did me a favor.”

The tension escalated with another contestant, Tara, who objected to Aaron’s tone towards Karma. Aaron retorted sharply, “If I saw you in public, I wouldn’t reach out to you.” This pattern of exchanges continued throughout the show, with Aaron frequently clashing with the women who rejected him. Despite the numerous balloon pops and heated arguments, Aaron did manage to leave the show with a date – a 23-year-old named Esther.

However, the aftermath of Aaron’s appearance was swift and severe. The video, which accumulated over 1.5 million views, ignited a flurry of criticism on social media platforms. Viewers took issue with Aaron’s perceived arrogance and derogatory remarks. This online uproar led to hundreds of calls to his employer, eventually resulting in Aaron being fired from his plumbing job.


In response to losing his job, Aaron expressed his frustration on Instagram, stating, “All this clout chasing got me fired from work. Man, I really love plumbing and I’m good at it & they got that taken away from me.” He lamented that the backlash from the show had disrupted his livelihood, with repeated calls to his company damaging its business operations.

The situation has sparked a heated debate online. Some sympathized with Aaron, arguing that while his behavior on the show was inappropriate, it didn’t warrant losing his job. They felt that involving his professional life was excessive and unfair. Others, however, believed that Aaron’s conduct and subsequent firing were just consequences of his actions on a public platform.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the far-reaching impact that one’s actions on social media can have on their real life. Aaron’s story highlights the potential risks of seeking fame through controversial behavior and the swift, often harsh, judgments of the online community.