Woman Trapped In ‘Scary’ Tesla After Her Batteries Died

Woman Trapped In ‘Scary’ Tesla After Her Batteries Died
Arizona's Family

Diane, an Arizona resident, had a harrowing experience with her Tesla Model Y when its battery unexpectedly died, leaving her trapped inside the vehicle. This unsettling incident occurred despite her vehicle being fully charged when she unplugged it for a drive. Once she was inside and shut the door, the car’s power system failed, rendering her unable to open the windows or unlock the doors. In an attempt to find a solution, Diane tried to access the car’s manual but couldn’t open the glovebox to retrieve it, adding to her distress.

Arizona’s Family

Without the ability to exit the car, Diane reached out to a friend for help. However, they too were unable to find a way to open the car doors. In desperation, she logged into the Tesla app and requested emergency roadside assistance. It was only after contacting Tesla representatives that she was informed about a hidden latch inside the car door that could manually open it in such situations. Reflecting on her ordeal, Diane described it as “scary and very unnerving,” highlighting the significant lack of awareness among Tesla owners about this critical safety feature.

Diane’s experience is not an isolated case. Other Tesla owners have reported similar incidents where they found themselves locked inside their cars due to power failures. For instance, Brianna Janel shared her own experience of being trapped in her Tesla while it was undergoing a software update. Although she knew about the manual door release, she chose to wait in the sweltering 103-degree heat to avoid damaging her vehicle.

These incidents raise questions about the safety protocols and user education provided by Tesla. Diane pointed out that Tesla should improve its efforts to educate drivers about emergency exits in the event of power loss. She suggested that the default response to a power failure should be to unlock the windows and doors rather than locking them, as this could prevent such stressful situations in the future.

As more stories like Diane’s come to light, there is growing concern among Tesla owners about the potential risks associated with being locked inside their cars. While Tesla’s innovative technology offers numerous benefits, these events underscore the importance of ensuring that drivers are fully informed about the safety features and emergency procedures of their vehicles. Tesla has yet to comment publicly on these incidents, but the company’s approach to handling such situations will be crucial in maintaining customer trust and safety.