President Biden Said He Almost Fell Asleep On Stage During The Debate

President Biden Said He Almost Fell Asleep On Stage During The Debate

President Biden recently explained his lackluster performance during a debate with Donald Trump, attributing it to an extensive travel schedule that left him exhausted. At a campaign fundraiser in McLean, Virginia, Biden admitted that he nearly fell asleep on stage due to being “sapped from long trips” in the weeks leading up to the debate. These trips included a visit to France for the 80th anniversary of D-Day and a fundraiser in Los Angeles.

Biden explained that his decision to travel extensively before the debate, against the advice of his staff, left him fatigued. He clarified that his remarks were not excuses but explanations for his lack of energy during the debate, emphasizing the importance of defeating Trump in the upcoming election. The debate, held on June 27, started at 9 PM, a time when Biden’s sharpness reportedly wanes. According to Axios national political correspondent Alex Thompson, Biden is most alert between 10 AM and 4 PM and is prone to mental mistakes later in the day.


During his address, Biden apologized for his performance and stressed the significance of the election. He acknowledged that his busy schedule may have impacted his debate readiness but reaffirmed his commitment to his campaign and the need for voter support. Biden’s admission highlighted the challenges of balancing a demanding travel itinerary with the rigorous demands of a presidential campaign.

This incident underscores the physical and mental toll of the campaign trail, especially for a sitting president. As the election approaches, managing schedules to optimize performance during crucial events like debates will be essential for Biden. The president’s transparency about his struggles with fatigue also humanizes him, potentially resonating with voters who appreciate his candor and dedication despite the challenges.