Student Wrote 19 Words In Her Essay About ‘Fight Club’ And Got A Perfect Score

Student Wrote 19 Words In Her Essay About ‘Fight Club’ And Got A Perfect Score
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A student named Allison Garrett received a perfect grade for her 19-word essay on the film “Fight Club.” Instead of the typical lengthy analysis, Allison chose a bold approach, quoting the film’s most iconic line: “The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club.” She concluded with, “That’s it, that’s my essay.” This succinct and daring submission earned her high marks from her professor, who appreciated the humor and relevance to the movie’s theme.


The assignment required writing a review of a movie, and Allison saw an opportunity to be creative. She shared her success on X (formerly Twitter), expressing pride in her unconventional approach. Her professor commented that while the essay’s brevity was risky, it was fitting for the film’s context. They advised against trying this with other professors who might not share the same sense of humor.

Allison’s post quickly gained attention online, with many praising her bravery and ingenuity. One commenter highlighted the importance of taking risks in life. Allison later confirmed that she not only received a perfect score on the essay but also passed the class with an A. This story underscores how sometimes, creativity and risk-taking can lead to unexpected success.

This unique approach also sparks a discussion on the nature of academic assignments and how they can sometimes stifle creativity. Allison’s experience demonstrates that breaking conventional norms, when done thoughtfully and appropriately, can yield positive results and encourage a more open-minded perspective in educational settings.