Singer Lilly Allen Joins OnlyFans to Sell Pictures Of Her Feet

Singer Lilly Allen Joins OnlyFans to Sell Pictures Of Her Feet

Lily Allen has recently ventured into the world of adult entertainment by launching her own OnlyFans page. The 39-year-old singer, known for hits like “Not Fair” and “Hard Out Here,” has decided to offer risqué content on the platform, specifically focusing on foot pictures. This move came about after Allen discovered she had received a five-star rating on WikiFeet, prompting her nail technician to suggest monetizing this unexpected popularity.


Allen’s new OnlyFans account, titled “Lily Allen FTSE500,” has quickly garnered attention. For approximately $10, subscribers can access photos of her feet, which are showcased in various styles, including a French manicure. Some of the pictures are playfully captioned with phrases like “sole trader” and “summer pedicure.”

The singer-turned-actress shared the news of her new venture on her Instagram story, posting a link to her OnlyFans page alongside a photo of her brightly painted toes. She humorously acknowledged the potential impact on her social media algorithm and referenced her podcast, “Miss Me?” where she first discussed the idea.


Allen’s podcast co-host, Miquita Oliver, even questioned whether she would leave other ventures to focus solely on her OnlyFans content. Allen, with her candid and often playful approach to her private life, seems ready to embrace this new chapter, hoping to capitalize on her unique form of fame.