Suzanne Somers’ Widower, Alan Hamel, Says ‘Odd Things’ Happening at Home since Star’s Death

Suzanne Somers’ Widower, Alan Hamel, Says ‘Odd Things’ Happening at Home since Star’s Death

Alan Hamel, the widower of Suzanne Somers, has shared some extraordinary occurrences at their Palm Springs, California, home since the passing of the “Three’s Company” star, suggesting her spirit might still be present.

Hamel, who was married to Somers for nearly 50 years, recounted three peculiar incidents. “Three things happened. The same day, that were very strange,” he said. The first involved a hummingbird entering their home, flying around various rooms, and notably hovering in front of a framed picture of the couple. The bird even landed on top of the frame and stayed there, prompting Hamel to take a photo.

Following this, their fireplace spontaneously ignited, and music from Somers’ favorite composer, whom Hamel described as obscure and unknown to many, began playing.

Hamel, 87, shared a more personal experience, saying, “When I’m just about to fall asleep, I feel her laying beside me.”

Somers passed away in October, a day before her 77th birthday, while holding Hamel’s hand at their home. The couple, celebrated for their deep love and rarely spending time apart, had been together for 55 years.

Now, Hamel expresses a newfound belief in an afterlife. “I’m a believer now that there is an afterlife. I’m convinced of it… I think there’s something we don’t understand. I think there’s a plane somewhere… after we discard our bodies. We still have our soul. I think our soul is energy. The soul must go somewhere and do something.”

He finds comfort in these signs, especially during family gatherings. “The time when I’m with my family… and I have one of my moments when I have to leave, I go into the bedroom… I’m alone there. And I feel her presence. Once I interact with her presence, I go back and interact with the family.”

Interestingly, Somers’ grandchildren have also shared similar experiences with Hamel. “Her grandkids, one by one, have told me the same thing.”

Hamel holds onto hope that these experiences are real, finding solace in them during his grieving process. “I hope it’s all true,” he said. “It certainly makes the grieving process a lot easier,” and added, “If it is, we’ll be reunited.”

The couple had even humorously discussed the afterlife before Somers fell ill. Hamel recalled Somers joking about him passing first due to their age difference, but she quipped, “Knowing you, you’ll be on your way back before you’ve left.”

Somers, who starred in “Step by Step,” died of breast cancer in October. She was first diagnosed in 2000 and attributed her longevity to a healthy lifestyle.