Toxicology Report Of Three Dead Chiefs Fans Released

Toxicology Report Of Three Dead Chiefs Fans Released

Toxicology reports revealed the presence of illegal substances in the systems of three Kansas City Chiefs fans found deceased from hypothermia outside a friend’s residence last month, as reported by Fox 4 KC.

Relatives of David Harrington, Clayton McGeeney, and Ricky Johnson had eagerly awaited the toxicology findings for insights into the events leading to their discovery outside Jordan Willis’ rental property in Kansas City on January 9.

The speculation around drug involvement as a contributing factor to their demise was heightened when Willis sought substance abuse treatment following the discovery of his three friends, his parents disclosed.

The trio, aged 37, 36, and 38 respectively, had gathered at Willis’ home on January 7 to view the Kansas City Chiefs’ last game of the regular season. Their bodies were located on January 9 by McGeeney’s concerned fiancée, who entered Willis’ premises and found one of them frozen in the yard.

Fox4 KC sources indicated the detection of “several” substances in the deceased’s systems.

Upon the police’s arrival, they found Willis in underwear, holding a wine glass, claiming unawareness of his friends’ fate outside, believing he had been asleep for almost two days.

Another attendee, Alex Waemer-Lee, departed the event around 11 p.m. on the game night, with the remaining four watching “Jeopardy!,” his lawyer, Andrew Talge, stated.

Experts suggested to Fox News that alcohol or drugs might have led to the men losing consciousness outdoors, succumbing to the 30-degree temperatures.

Neighbors reported seeing two of the partygoers arriving with beer, and Waemer-Lee reportedly texted others about drug consumption at Willis’ during the event, according to Fox.

The Kansas City Police, in a statement, clarified that no further case details or reports have been shared with the media, nor are there plans to do so. The department and the Platte County Prosecutor’s Office are keeping in touch with the victims’ families as the investigation progresses.

While the toxicology reports have been shared with the families, they are still awaiting autopsy results, which could take additional weeks, the medical examiner informed Fox4 KC.

Kansas City police are treating the case without suspicion of homicide or foul play, yet some family members suspect Willis’ involvement. Jon Harrington expressed his and Harrington’s mother’s belief in Willis’ participation in last week’s events.

Jonathan Price, Johnson’s brother, has been seeking explanations since discovering his brother in a lawn chair on the property. He voiced his frustration to NewsNation about the police’s apparent lack of information and the families’ struggle to mourn without understanding the cause.