Woman from New Netflix ‘Gone Girl’ Series about to Take Over World makes Plea to Viewers before Watching It

Woman from New Netflix ‘Gone Girl’ Series about to Take Over World makes Plea to Viewers before Watching It

Denise Huskins, the subject of Netflix’s new true crime docu-series, has issued a caution to viewers ahead of watching the series. The series, titled “American Nightmare” and produced by the creators of “The Tinder Swindler,” revisits the harrowing “Gone Girl case” of 2015, involving Huskins and her boyfriend Aaron Quinn.

In March 2015, Aaron contacted the Vallejo, California police to report Denise’s kidnapping, only to become the primary suspect in her disappearance. The first episode provides a glimpse into the police interviews with Aaron, who recounted being awakened at 3:00 am by intruders, being sedated, and Denise being kidnapped.

The police were initially skeptical, pointing out inconsistencies in Aaron’s story and his failure of a polygraph test. However, the focus shifted when the kidnapper sent an audio message confirming Denise was still alive. Denise’s reappearance 400 miles away in her hometown further complicated the case, as authorities speculated about a possible hoax.

The turning point came when someone claiming to be the kidnapper contacted the San Francisco Chronicle, providing evidence of Denise’s captivity. Matthew Muller was later identified, arrested in 2016, and sentenced to 40 years in prison for kidnapping, drugging, and sexually assaulting Huskins.

“American Nightmare” features interviews with both Aaron and Denise and includes footage of their police interrogations. The documentary aims to explore the consequences of premature judgments and the harm caused when law enforcement dismisses the truth.

Denise shared the trailer on social media, expressing her gratitude for the opportunity to share her story. She emphasized the series’ significance, stating, “this is not ‘just another True Crime.’ This goes way beyond just us as victims, and this one case.”


Responding to a comment on her post, Denise advised viewers, especially those familiar with her book, that the series includes previously unseen footage, providing a more vivid and context-rich portrayal of their experience.

“American Nightmare” is currently available for streaming on Netflix.