Woman Gets Paid $180,000 Salary, Yet Only Ends Up With $150 Every 2 Weeks

Woman Gets Paid $180,000 Salary, Yet Only Ends Up With $150 Every 2 Weeks
Credit: TikTok/@aliceraspin

In a revealing TikTok post that has ignited online debates, a woman disclosed the stark financial realities of her life despite a substantial household income of $180,000 per year. The user, who works in insurance and is a mother of one, expressed her struggle to afford personal care routines, which she termed ‘self-care,’ while adhering to a strict budget with the aim of purchasing a home.

The TikToker, identified only as Raspin, age 27, shared that despite her seemingly high income, she is left with just $150 every two weeks for discretionary spending. This financial constraint comes into sharper focus when compared to her periodic self-care expenses: nails costing $100 every four weeks, hair maintenance at $200 every eight weeks, and a combination of lash lift tint, brow lamination, sculpt, and dye amounting to $170 bi-weekly. Collectively, these costs total around $370 per month, pushing her well beyond her spending allowance.

Raspin’s query on how others manage to afford continuous self-care sparked a spectrum of responses. While some users suggested DIY alternatives, others questioned the practicality of maintaining such a lifestyle during uncertain economic times. Critics in the comments emphasized prioritizing savings over luxury expenditures, especially given the global cost of living crisis.


Self care us expensive, it’s a luxury at this point! #fyp #contentcreator #money #budget #moneytips #budgeting #spending #manifesting

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A significant portion of the reaction was critical, with one commenter branding the post as tone-deaf, especially in light of many families struggling to cover basic needs like rent and groceries. Others pointed out the dichotomy between saving for significant life goals, like buying a house, and the immediate gratification of beauty treatments.

Despite the financial discipline imposed by her saving goals, Raspin confessed to a local news outlet that forgoing dining out and regular visits to the hairdresser has been challenging. She stressed that although these sacrifices are necessary for her to achieve homeownership, they still feel like luxuries she wishes she could afford more frequently.

This TikTok post not only underscores the personal sacrifices involved in saving for long-term goals but also sparks a broader conversation about financial priorities and the pressures of maintaining appearances in a society that highly values aesthetics.