Woman Thinks Her Boyfriend Is ‘Factory Made’ After Noticing Weird Detail In His Eye

Woman Thinks Her Boyfriend Is ‘Factory Made’ After Noticing Weird Detail In His Eye

A woman recently sparked a wild discussion on Reddit after noticing an unusual detail in her boyfriend’s eye, making her question if he might be “factory made.” She posted a close-up image of his eye on the subreddit /weird, highlighting a clear number six in his iris. This peculiar feature led to a flood of comments and theories, with some suggesting he might be a clone or a humanoid model.

Despite the imaginative speculation, experts and optometry students provided more scientific explanations. Iris patterns, including shapes and lines, are unique to each individual and are entirely determined by genetics. The detailed patterns in the iris, such as the “crypts of Fuchs” and the “collarette,” are influenced by around 2,000 genes, with about 50 specifically affecting iris patterns.

According to Ancestry.com, the genetic makeup of an individual completely dictates the appearance of their pupils and irises. These features are considered phenotypes, visible traits determined by DNA. This genetic influence means that unique iris patterns, even those resembling numbers, are entirely natural and not indicative of artificial origins.

Therefore, while the number six in the boyfriend’s iris is indeed unusual, it is simply a result of genetic variation and not evidence of him being a clone or humanoid. The fascinating and often intricate patterns found in human irises continue to be a topic of interest and curiosity, illustrating the complex beauty of human genetics.